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Naming conventions of variables in programming

Naming Conventions

Naming conventions refer to the guidelines that we as programmers follow to name various identifiers like variables, functions, class, etc. This is particularly useful when we need to find a specific thing (e.g., variable, function, or even files). This makes us more productive as programmers and helps us to identify what is what.

Importance of Scripting for Programmers

Hello there, fellow code wranglers! Have you ever found yourself mired in a sea of repetitive, mind-numbing tasks, drowning in the tedium of everyday programming life? Fear not, for the superhero of the coding world is here to rescue you. Enter the world of scripting! Automation: Making Developers Feel Lazy (in a Good Way) Imagine a magical land where all those monotonous chores are done with a single wave of your scripting wand.

Open Source Contributions in Github

🌟 GitHub: Your Path to Open Source Contribution 🌟 GitHub, one of the most crucial platforms for us programmers, plays a vital role in today’s tech landscape. It’s increasingly important to familiarize ourselves with it, as contributing to online projects not only enriches your portfolio but also sharpens your programming prowess. In fact, companies often inquire about your contribution experience, making your GitHub profile a potential window to opportunities. 🚀